Business Management Tools Manual

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS are tools used to make business decisions. They are used, one way or another, from simple one-person businesses to complex corporations.

This is not a text book.

THE MANUAL is based on personal business experience, both successful and unsuccessful in business life. It is based on experience of financing and running ones own business, It is not written by a corporate professional, or an academic, It is written by a practioner who has survived the ups and downs of business life The tools are based on the examples of business persons , educators, business advisors , and help given by professionals over many years.

Use it as a business management decision

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About this Manual

This manual lists the majority of tools used in business management.

It provides a check and enables the Manager to decide which tools to use.

The tools listed do not describe the techniques of their use. Their use will depend upon the type and function of the business. Their use will depend upon the skill of the person using them. Not all management tools listed here will apply to all businesses. Which tool used will depend on size, and function of business.

Successful use of any tool will depend upon the skill of the user.

A business in this context can be:-

A one person business

any organisation managing markets, money, and people.

Charities or social organisations.

A company or large corporation.

The tools may well help the specialist executive needing to know other business disciplines.

The manager using any business management tool is advised to do so harnessing the skills of specialist professional , backup and support.


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